Pawsh Magazine

I have some very exciting news! My dear friend Laura of Acquired Taste just launched her very own online pet mag, Pawsh Magazine! And I must say….it’s amazing! I found myself grinning from ear to ear while I was reading it. Pawsh is filled with thought provoking features on everything from how to introduce your furry baby to your human baby to how to deal with your canine’s teenage rebellious nature. And then I was swept away with all the cute things I could buy for Miss. Libbyloo (I’ve totally fallen for the doghouse decal below). But Pawsh isn’t just for the pampered pup. Flip to page 88 and you can view a variety of shelter pups looking for a home. Actually…. Pawsh isn’t just for the dogs either! Nope! Feline friends are covered too! Ooooo you must read it my friends and then snuggle your furry friends! Just a few of the images that made me fall in love with Pawsh:

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