Friday Link Love

Happy Friday you lovelies! I’m so excited for this weekend. It’s jam packed full of goodness. Tonight I’m going to read in turbo mode to finish up our bookclub pick: Sisters in the Wilderness. If it means I have to stay up all night to finish it, well then I guess I’m going to be downing plenty of coffee this evening. It’s a good read though, so it’ll go quickly.

Tomorrow is bookclub. And then tomorrow night I’m grabbing a cup of jo with Stacey. It’ll be nice to catch up with her. It’s been a while. But it’s been even longer since I’ve seen Anna. So on Sunday morning I’m going out for breakfast with her. Then on to Slut Walk!

I’m so looking forward to this weekend. It’s going to be fabulous. What have you got planned?

Let’s ease into the weekend with a little link love:

  1. Have you guys seen When Harry Met Sally 2 yet? Oh I love this more than I can say.
  2. I wonder if the Flavour Thesaurus is still in print and why I don’t have a copy. The hardcover version is so much more visually appealing than the soft cover version.
  3. These mushroom cakes make me so very happy….and hungry!
  4. I’ve decided that Ottawa needs more friviolous festivals like this Marmalade Festival. How brilliant is that?
  5. I feel like this is how I should have decorated my room in University. I was an English major so I spent a lot of time in my room reading. Wouldn’t this be the perfect spot to catch up on some Woolf?

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