Rebecca’s Baby Shower: The Flowers

I nixed the banners and balloons of traditional baby showers and put blooms in their place. I think it was the right move. I must say if you feel like your abode needs a mini makeover, tidy your place quickly and adorn it with flowers. They’re an instant pick me up.

The star of the show was positively the Blumenstudio flower arrangements. I blogged about the new floral shop last week. The owner, Kat, arranged them herself!

The tulips were my personal favourite.

But of course, who could say no to peonies?

My mom was a gem and picked up a load of fresh flowers at the grocery store. You can never have too many blooms, I must say! Even my bathroom got a floral makeover!

There’s no such thing as too many tulips.

I don’t care what anyone else says, I think mini carnations are sweet. Especially in an antique  tea cup!

4 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Baby Shower: The Flowers

  1. Nice! I am very shocked there is sooooo much pink…lol. I think that even if Rebecca was expecting a boy you would have enjected it with pink flowers somehow 😛

    I really like the enclosed vintage tea cup…very pretty vignette. My fave are the peonies. Good job!

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