Blumenstudio: Part One

Libby and I take the same trek around the block every morning. It’s become routine. She races out the door, dogs bark at us from their homes, Libby tries to chase pigeons and then we mosey on home. But today was different. Along Parkdale, there was a sad little corner store called the Jaguar. It was nothing to look at and there were always some seedy characters lurking around. Eventually the store closed down. And there sat the Jaguar. Empty. For months. I barely noticed it anymore. What a welcome surprise to see a flower shop in its place!

I went in to Blumenstudio and was welcomed by the owner of the shop. She was absolutely lovely. And her store – filled with orchids, roses, tulips and other stunning blooms. Plus you can stick around for a while and enjoy a coffee if you’d like.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see it there. For starters, a couple of months ago I nixed my daily Starbucks trek and started a flower fund in its place. Because pretty petals are always welcoming and refreshing in the home. Moreover, my sister’s baby shower is this weekend. And baby showers always need flowers. Oh how I love serendipity!

I’m planning on popping over to Blumenstudio this weekend to pick up some blooms and I’ll take pics of the shop itself. Stay tuned for Part Two!

{images via Blumenstudio}

2 thoughts on “Blumenstudio: Part One

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