Sonya’s 30th Birthday

The world got a little lovelier 30 years ago when my best friend was born. She is by far the kindest, most understanding person I’ve ever met. You know those people who’ll love you no matter what? That’s Sonya. You robbed a bank*? No problem. You screwed all the boys in town*? No worries. She’s there through thick and thin. And I love her beyond words. Happy birthday Sonya! May your 30s be filled with light and love.

* Didn’t actually happen.

{1. photo by Amanda Pratt via Santa Barbara Chic 2. Sonya and I way back when}


3 thoughts on “Sonya’s 30th Birthday

  1. Happy birthday Sonya! My wish for you is that you receive all the happiness you give to others – you are loved. xoxo

    p.s. April – sure glad * didn’t actually happen! lol xo

  2. Thank you, my dearest, bestest friend. You always say just he right things to put a huge grin on my face. I love you so much XOX

    And thank you Marlene, for the b-day wishes. Much love!!


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