Pretty. Me Want.

It’s confirmed. I am a consumer. Yes yes we all are I suppose. We all buy things but do we all think everything is a great deal? Nope. But I do.

I went to see The Adjustment Bureau on Sunday night and my friend walked up to me at the theatre with a small cup of coffee in her hand and said, “$2.89 for this!”.

I replied, “That’s awesome!”

Wrong reply. I was supposed to look at the cup and realize it was mini and that the coffee was overpriced. I failed.

But it was such a pretty turquoise cup. It was a pretty coffee. So here’s the deal. I love pretty things. I’ll pay an arm and a leg for anything glittery, pink or silky. Am I ashamed? Sure. But only a teeny bit. I’m mostly in awe of designers who make things look so damn pretty. I think I need therapy. And not the retail variety. Tee hee.


5 thoughts on “Pretty. Me Want.

  1. It was too pricey! But that is OK, it was a pretty cup and you do like pretty things, hence why you like hanging out with me! lol

    Good movie choice!

  2. I think so long as you mostly only drink crappy coffee it’s ok. Like if I had my decaf grande wet cappuccinno in a venti cup every day – I might feel bad about my being… but once a week, s’aright and the barista likes the pain.

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