A girl I know has been online dating for about three weeks and has already found someone she wants to date. And it’s mutual.

My gut instinct was jealousy. “How the hell does anyone meet someone they actually want to see again so early on in the online dating world???” “Why didn’t that happen for me?” And so on.

And then I started getting grossed out at how everyone gushes at new love. And I’m supposed to gush too. I didn’t want to. Everything in me was more inclined to puke than gush.

But of course that’s  not right. Everyone has different paths. Fate has different plans for each of us. And thank goodness it does. Otherwise we would all live lives that mirror one another’s. There would be no excitement. No news. No hubbub. I like hubbub.

So I’m trying something new. Whenever I feel that twinge of jealousy, I ask myself if I’d want exactly what they have. Would I want exactly that man? Would I want exactly that relationship? And would I be ok if I couldn’t change a thing? The answer is always no.

When do you feel jealous and how do you deal with it?


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