Friday Link Love

Hey guys and gals! Sorry I’ve been absent lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into me! Hopefully this weekend will include some much needed blogging for the week ahead. But first! I’m headed for dinner at Lynn’s place tonight (I believe thai is on the menu – yum). Saturday is looking pretty low key in the most fabulous of ways. I’m treating myself to a massage and then heading out to watch Red Riding Hood. It looks scary in a silly way. On Sunday I’m grabbing breakfast with my Nanny. All in all, a fabulous weekend ahead. What are you up to this weekend?

And now! Link Love:

  1. Who knew ice cream could be fancy?
  2. I wish I could find some of these Scotch nail polishishes in Ottawa. They’re so chic!
  3. Know someone who could use a pick me up? Flowers are just the ticket! Especially if they’re beautifully wrapped flowers!
  4. Or forward them this video!
  5. What I wouldn’t do for shoes! I’m smitten with Smitten!
  6. Potentially the smartest cookie in the history of cookies. S’more please!
  7. I’m on the lookout for lights that cast a warm pattern on my walls. What a way to add more flair to your home!
  8. I’m in love with Playing Fashion: Paris. Frills, soft hair, bring it on!

{image by Little Brown Pen}

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