I woke up to a freezing apartment this morning. I actually had to go room by room and check the windows because I suspected one of them might be open. None of them were. I live in an apartment in a house. So naturally I don’t have access to the thermostat. I’ve written a note to the lovely girls downstairs who I’m worried have perished from hypothermia. But if they haven’t I hope they’ll turn up the heat.

All that to say I am ready for spring. A wickedly cold day will do that to you. I am ready for flats and umbrellas. I am ready for crocuses and daffodils. I am ready to throw open the windows in my apartment to get some fresh air in.

So if you’re talking to the man upstairs anytime soon, could you ask him kindly to send us some signs of spring?

{Image via Sara’s Party Perfect}

5 thoughts on “Spring

  1. That’s terrible. As a landloard, that’s our biggest nightmare. Hopefully nothing is wrong with the furnance. Any news?

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