Friday Link Love

Hello my doves! I’m sorry my posts have been sporadic this week. I have no excuse other than I’ve been spending my evenings unwinding with a little yoga, a glass of wine and a bubble bath. It’s been really lovely. But I have missed vous! So what fabulous things are you doing this weekend? I am going to continue my low key streak. Here are the plans:

  1. I’m going to design invitations for my sister’s baby shower. I’m getting all sorts of inspiration for the shower itself, including these fabulous fringey streamers from Oh Happy Day.
  2. I’m also planning to get a little baking in. I’m thinking of making these biscuits from Everybody Likes Sandwiches.
  3. I’m also hoping to fix up these cappuccino cookies from Joy: The Baker.
  4. Finish Lady Chatterley’s Lover and move on to our latest bookclub pick – Sisters in the Wilderness.
  5. Take more bubblebaths with this!

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