Happy Mistress Day?

You heard me right. Mistress day. The day before Valentine’s Day. Because mistresses need some romance too. How God awful is this? There’s literally a day out there celebrating adultery. My question is this, How do you become a mistress? It’d be one thing to date someone and find out you’ve been the other woman all that time. That’d be just awful. You would be betrayed too. But at least you were never a willing accomplice.

At what point in a girl’s life does she think, “Ya know? I don’t want one of my own. I can share.” What an awful ride. Although I’m sure it’d be thrilling at times. The danger of being caught would probably give you a rush. But that gut feeling, that makes you feel like something awful is going to happen, like you’re pointedly ruining someone else’s life – how do you live with that?

I have never been the other woman. At least not to my knowledge. I have no idea what that would feel like. But I imagine to choose that for myself, my self esteem would have to be next to nill. I imagine every February the 14th, I’d be overwhelmed by jealousy and eventually settle for his less than romantic proposal – to celebrate Valentine’s day the day before. A fool for love. A pawn to a man’s game, a man’s lust, a man’s pomp.

This mistress day, I wish mistresses all over the world will make it a day to remember. Drop him like a hot potato.

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