Happy Monday!

Hi Darlings! How was your weekend? Mine was fab. I raced to pick up my new Scooba after work on Friday. What in zee heck is a Scooba, you ask? Well it’s only the tool that’ll change your cleaning routine. That’s all. I despise cleaning floors. Vacuuming? Mopping? I would rather spend a whole day cleaning a bathroom. Seriously. Blech. Enter the Scooba. No more mopping! All I need now is to get a Roomba and then my life will be all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows! However, Libby may beg to differ (check out her reaction to the Scooba above).

On Friday night I went to see The Fighter and was totally blown away. It’s confirmed that Christian Bale is whole heartedly dedicated to his craft. Go and see it, people!

Saturday was book club. No one murdered me for not reading the book! Phew! Note to self, muffins make people forgive:

“Omg you tripped an old lady while she was crossing the road!* What type of person are….are those muffins?”
“Yes. Would you like one?”
“Well maybe just one. But we’re not finished here ok? Oh gawd. Did you make these?”
“Yes I did.”
“Yah. So…I have to say I laughed when you tripped her. I mean inside. I mean, she was jaywalking so maybe she deserved it. Good on ya. And good on ya with these muffins.”

That’s right. Muffins lead to forgiveness. They might even lead to world peace. Might. Haven’t followed up on that one.

So book club was fun as usual. And I found that I was still able to contribute with all my Big Love trivia! Hoorah! Afterwards, my sister and I hung out and gabbed about love, babies and classic literature until midnight. And then I fell asleep on the couch. (Sorry Bec.) It was lovely!

On Sunday I head on over to my parents house to get some laundry done and for some good chats with the crew. Is there anything better than flipping through magazines on a Sunday afternoon and catching up with your fabulous family? I highly doubt it.

How was your weekend? Did you get some R&R in?

*No old ladies were harmed by yours truly.

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