Monday, Monday

How was your weekend? Anyone live in Ottawa? Wasn’t it bitterly cold? There were frostbite warnings! Libby and I were smart and spent the weekend hibernating –  barely stepping outside.

Although I did step out on Friday night for Mexican fiesta and drinks at Pub Italia with Stacey. Yum. I had a raspberry wheat beer which was really nummy.

On Saturday, Sonya popped over for a cafe mocha and brought mouth watering croissants. Thanks my dove! And I got my bluray hooked up too! Naturally, I failed at getting it set up myself. But I’ve never been the type of person who’s been too proud to ask for help. Once it was officially powered up, I watched American History X to celebrate …. err …. incredibly upsetting movie. But Edward Norton is always amazing.

Sunday was incredibly low key. There were sweats. There were slippers. There were banana espresso chocolate chip muffins. There was TV. And dreaming of springtime in Paris. Oh yeah, I love lazy Sundays.

{image via Cocoa Chu Chu}

2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Bitterly cold weekends are meant to stay at home, curled up in comfy clothes (or pjs), reading, drinking tea (or other hot bevrages). You seemed to have spent the most perfect weekend. It’s necessary to have housebound days. That’s what January is all about.
    p.s. I wish I could knit.

    • It was a lovely weekend for sure. Knitting is a great skill! (I can’t either) but I think there are knitting classes at Wabi Sabi.

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