Nanny’s Birthday

Oh how it snowed on Nan’s birthday! Ottawa got dumped on with snow and freezing rain on Saturday. But screw Mother Nature! We had places to go and birthdays to celebrate! So we buttoned up and braved it. Let me tell you. It was worth it. Why? Two reasons. My sweet Nan turned 85. And there was tea to be had – high tea at the Chateau Laurier.

Alright. About this high tea business. There were no opiates. And while there were chandeliers, no one was swinging from them. Instead it was a ladylike affair. I chose Maple Maple black tea (with a caramel finish).

Then came the fruit salad. I wished there was citrus. But I appreciated the mint. My sister appreciated it all. She said she’s been eating fruit like there’s no tomorrow. And when she found out the brie was pasturized? She was pleased as punch. Imagine! Having to give up brie because you’re preggers? Torture.

The sandwiches were next. Smoked salmon. Hummus with watercress. Yum. But let’s be serious. Nothing could compete with the scones. Whipped butter. Strawberry Jam. Buttery scones. Who could resist?

But hold on! You have to save room for dessert. Did we save room? No. We devoured everything in sight. I’m sure the gals wanted to unbutton their pants at this point but I tried not to rub it in that I was wise to wear a dress (minus Spanx). They’ll know for next time. Right Mom?

So we packed up our doggy bags filled with sweet treats and hit the street. But not without Nan’s new bling! Happy birthday Nan! Cheers to 85. May there be many many more high teas to come.


4 thoughts on “Nanny’s Birthday

  1. This post made me happy! You all seemed to have had a glorious time at the Chateau (who doesn’t?) Weren’t those chairs too comfy?

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