Spoil Your Digits

Is it bad luck to buy a wedding band and not wear it as a wedding band? That’s exactly what these rings tempt me to do (especially the second one). I must say, I think it’s official. If I ever become a bride, I must marry someone wealthy because I doubt I’d know where to draw the line. Look at the prices of these rings. Holy! And do you think I’d stop there?  “Bring in the snow maker!!!!” Or maybe I must marry someone poor to teach me modesty. But that guy doesn’t sound nearly as fun. Ok let’s be serious. The only thing I really know for sure is that while all the girls are  adorning their fingers with platinum (which looks stunnning, girls!), I’ve always known I’m meant to wear yellow gold. That’s right. I kick it old school. Oh dear. Look how giddy I’m getting. I blame it on Tiffany. Gets me every time.

{1. Torque ring 2. Shared setting band ring}

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