Good Monday Morning to Ya!

How was your weekend, my doves? Mine was fabulous. Fabulous fabulous. On Saturday morning, I headed downtown for some mother, daughter time at the spa (oh yes, we Overall women know how to treat ourselves). I was there for my facial and mom was getting a pedicure. Hooray! Just as we were waiting to be called in for our treatments – WAH WAH WAH!!!! The fire alarm went off. All I can say is thank the good gods I wasn’t in the middle of my facial when that happened. My face is probably the last thing on Earth anyone wants to see during or immediately after a facial. So we hurried outside to wait out the alarm. And then the firemen arrived. Oh the boys. I had no idea that I was in need of eye candy that morning. But I was. And they delivered. And there was no fire. So we said toodles to the boys and waved our handkerchief and off they went. I imagine they were saving a curious kitten that climbed too high and got stuck in a tree.

Then it was facial time. Facials start off lovely. There’s massaging, a lovely warm steam over your face, wonderfully luxurious creams. But then it gets down right nasty. The needles, the poking, proding and squeezing. Ouch. You partly wonder if you’d done something grievous to your aesthetitian in another life. But then it gets nice again. There’s more massages, more creams and by the time you leave your facial you vow to yourself and your aesthetician that yes, you’ll be back next month. And yes you’re very interested in that glycolic peel she was mentioning. But then you remember your pocketbook. Oh yah. That thing.

But this time I didn’t have to worry about it at all. My parents got me the facial for Christmas as well as all the goodies I’d need to keep my skin healthy and happy. So I left with a new DDF cleanser to exfoliate my skin, my DDF toner, a new Pevonia mask for spot treatments and a new, richer Babor nightcream (which I’m supposed to use during the day too).

Then we headed to the Black Tomato for a late lunch. We were starving. You know the kind of starving you get where you’re angry at the world? Yah it was that kind of starving. And then you have one bite of food and the world is lovely again. Oops. Sorry everyone. Lunch was divine – pecan crusted goat cheese salad and lovely Malbec. After lunch, I was too tired to do a darn thing for the rest of the day. Snoozeville for me.

On Sunday, Stacey and I battled the crowd at Ikea in pursuit of a mirror for her apartment. She left with a tv console. Hooray!  And then we popped over to Chapters for some magazine perusing and coffee drinking. Then I came home and poked around for a bit until I settled in to watch Legally Blonde.

That pretty much sums up the weekend for me! What did you get up to?

{Marissa Vogl}


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