Perfect Bound: Martha Stewart Living – January 2011

Something’s been happening to Martha Stewart Living over the past year. It’s gotten….amazing! It kind of reminds me of Blueprint magazine which was created by the Martha Stewart team but folded after just a few issues (far too soon if you ask me).

Wouldn’t these drink stirrers be perfect for a winter wedding? I love! I love!

Important question. Why do so many people hate carnations? I love them! They’re frilly for God sake! What’s not to love? They last forever too. Hrmmmm perhaps I’ll pick up a bunch the next time I’m at the grocery store.

This story gave me so many ideas for parties. It might be for birthdays but these concepts can be used for just about any fun party! I’m going to be hosting my sister’s baby shower in April and I think I’ll be digging up this story to plan it.

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