Getting into the Spirit of Things

The Christmas spirit is slowly settling in. It’s been a strange year. I started listening to the Nutcracker the day after Halloween, I’m watching all the holiday specials on TV, I even went to see the Nutcracker at the National Art Gallery. But I’ve had zero desire to decorate or bake. What is wrong with me?

I’m hoping this weekend, after a good clean of my apartment, I’ll be able to get into the spirit of things. Perhaps I’ll blast some Muppets Christmas or good ol’ Bing while I tidy my abode. That’ll help, right? Wishing you all a wonderfully festive weekend!

{via Design Shimmer}

2 thoughts on “Getting into the Spirit of Things

  1. You would never know by all the lovely, festive images you share on Adorn. Thanks for giving the spirit even when you don’t feel it. xo

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