Just My Type

I’m picky. I’m picky about the clothes I wear, the food I eat, the books I read. So it only makes sense that I’d be picky about the boys I date too. And just like my never ending search for the perfect little red dress, I sometimes feel like my search for that guy who’d suit me just right is never ending too.

But I can’t bring myself to date someone if it doesn’t feel right. Whether it’s a couple of dates in or a couple of months in, I really feel awful telling a guy that I don’t want to see him again. I’ve been on the receiving end of it and know how discouraging it can be. So I try to be respectful. I try to be understanding. I try to be graceful. This week I was in the awkward position of telling a guy I didn’t want to go on a third date with him. I didn’t mention that I thought it was awful that every other question he asked me was sexual. I didn’t mention that his story about cracking a girl’s ribs playing dodgeball was a turnoff. I didn’t mention his sarcasm was borderline rude. But he certainly wasn’t pleased with my omission. “You’re clueless,” he said. “You’ll never find the love you’re looking for.” Perhaps not. But I refuse to give up on love. And quite honestly I know in my heart of hearts that he’s out there. And so is the dress.

I’ve put this necklace on my holiday wish list. It’s Kate Spade’s Hang in There Typewriter necklace. It’s got the perfect inscription for me  –  “Just My Type”. A nice reminder that holding out for something that fits you perfectly is better than settling for the  so-so.


4 thoughts on “Just My Type

  1. Great post! Be gone with the bully boy and stay the course. A marvelous man who loves red dresses is sure to come along. As for the typewriter necklace – why wait? Make your own wish come true…

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