Halloween is Coming!

Is it terrible that I have strong opinions on the holiday? I have a love/hate relationship with it:

  • Gorging on candy while handing it out.
  • Settling in for a scary movie marathon. Favourites? The StrangersThe Others, and of course The Shining
  • Dressing up my  dog. They’re spoiled every other day of the year, surely they can stand the torture for one day.
  • Rushing out to Michael’s and buying every creepy decorating tool Martha Stewart has to offer.


  • That girls use Halloween as an excuse to dress slutty. I don’t normally like to use that word, but seriously? Nurses wear scrubs now not mini dresses. Plus, damn! It’s freezing in Ottawa come the 31st.
  • Parents that say, “Sure, you’re old enough to go out trick or treating on your own!” and then stalk their kids in the car.
  • That people don’t seem to know that Frankenstein was actually the doctor, not the monster.

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