Prepping for Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving! How are you celebrating the holidays?  Thanksgiving has never brought memories of trussing the turkey for me since my family is predominantly vegetarian (Mom, Dad, Uncle, Me), so we have nummy quiche instead (yes I hear that collective groan from the male department). But I tell you it’s so so good! And of course there will be mashed potatoes, turnips and carrots and some newfangled dish my mom wants to try out (she always throws in something new to test the guinea pigs).

I’m in charge of dessert and couldn’t be happier! I’m making apple crisp, which went over very well with the office crew, and pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting topped with toffee bits. Oh yes, I think it just might be drool worthy. I’d love to add this Pumpkin Mojito to the mix, but I know my family well enough to know beer and wine will do just fine.

{pumpkin image via Bryn Alexandra}


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