Happy Monday

Happy Monday, my lovelies! How was your weekend? I headed out to Calabogie for a coworker’s wedding. It was lovely. An intimate wedding of 120 people.  Stephanie was stunning (which is no big surprise, cause she’s a beauty from Monday through Friday anyhow). And the groom got weepy, which always reassures me. She’s in good hands.

And then we got our party on. I love my coworkers. They’re the best. At one point the photographer came around to take pictures of couples and I sat there chewing my nails and waiting for that awkward “errr….I’m flying solo” moment. But the boys came to my rescue, crowded round me for a group pic. Thanks, guys!

This week is going to be productive. I’m on the hunt for  cross trainers to keep me motivated (and safe) for my Insanity workouts. My god it’s a hard workout. Also on the agenda? Baking apple crisp for our office Thanksgiving pot luck lunch. And seeing The Town. Will Ben Afleck redeem himself from Gigli? We’ll see!

What have you got on the agenda this week?

{via The Ritzy Bee}

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