Cupcakes Make Everything Better

Cupcake Camp was overwhelming. It felt like there were hundreds of cupcakes to choose from and you had to dwindle the selection down to four. Only four! Not that I’m complaining.  Sonya and I did a lap around the room scouring for the ultimate cupcakes. The second lap found many of our faves already snatched up. Darn it all!

In any case, we snagged our top fours (mine included Pear Sage, Buttercream, Vegan Chocolate and Chai Latte cupcakes) and found a spot to chow down. Across from us, another duo were in serious talks ultimately leading to serious weeping. Oh no, we said! Life is hard! She needs another cupcake! And before you know it, they were laughing and mowing down the sugary goodness. Clearly, cupcakes should be added to the list of viable anti-depressents. Never mind Xanax, have a cupcake instead!

This was the ultimate MAN cupcake – Guiness based!

I am in my glee.

Rootbeer float cupcakes!

Sonya is prepped to snack on her chai latte cupcake.


8 thoughts on “Cupcakes Make Everything Better

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