Sweet Release

Have you ever hit the breaking point? Maybe you feel trapped. Alone. Misunderstood.  You need a release. You need solace. You need to find a place in your heart that’s calm, stoic, resilient. I’m looking for that place. I want to curl up and live there. I want to move in and never look back. Unpack all my boxes and spend my life blissfully at peace with what life throws at me.

How do you get there? Everyone has their own trek, I suppose. My tickets to that happy place are:

  1. Writing for this blog. There are so many stunning scenes, moments, images in this world, and I get to compile the ones that speak to me and share them with you right here.
  2. Singing. Nothing brings me more happiness than finding strength in my own voice. I hope I never care who sees me belting it out on my drive to work.
  3. Exercising. Yes it may just be a love, hate relationship, but it’s mostly love. I know what it’s like to jeopardize my own health and how it feels to take ownership of it too.
  4. Being with friends and family. Whether they’re friends that stick around for a while or the true blues that will be there when you’re crotchety and old, they’ve all brought such pleasure and genuine happiness to my life. And I love them for it.

So tell me, dear readers, what brings you calm in the storm?


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