Can I Pull This Off?

I love January Jones’ hair cut and colour. I love it so much I’m ready to chop off my uber long hair and get white blonde highlights. The question is…should I? Before you answer, here are my reservations: the only thing I have in common with January Jones is that we were both named after months. She’s slim, I’m curvy. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes, but it’s just an insecurity and I’ve always had my long hair to hide behind.  I’ve never had shortish hair before. But I’m totally up for it if it’d suit me! Now….

Here’s her:

And here’s me:


2 thoughts on “Can I Pull This Off?

  1. no way, I love long hair… and if you are thinking of changing it at least make it ginger, like Christina Hendricks (a blonde b.t.w.)

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