Rachel Zoe: I Die

I picked up the September issue of Harper’s Bazzar and nearly piddled my pants laughing at a spread featuring Rachel Zoe. While I could probably only stand to be near her for a total of five minutes, I have found myself watching back to back episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project. Every other word is, “Bananas” or “I die”. Well the editors at Bazaar took that and ran with it with “Rachel Zoe: I Die” putting forth the question: What would happen if Rachel really did die for fashion? The results?

Francisco Costa (above left) says, “I would die for Rachel’s vintage archive,” while Vera Wang (above right) notes, “I only want to kill Rachel when I don’t land one of her fabulous clients for the Oscars!”

Marc Jacobs (above) says: “Rachel’s energy is electrifying? …And often shocking!”

Michael Kors (below) says: “The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally to die for.”

One thought on “Rachel Zoe: I Die

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