Happy-Go-Lucky: The Ghost of the Rue Jacob

I’m violently addicted to Librivox. I love listening to classic literature in bed. It’s so soothing and before you know it my eyelids feel droopy and I’m sent into the dreamworld. Thus far, I’ve listened to The Secret Garden and The Watsons (an unfinished novel by Jane Austen). My addiction to it has only been amplified with next week’s trip to Tadousac (I’m going whale watching!!). Naturally I’m downloading audiobooks left, right, and centre to keep myself occupied for the eight hour trek there.  But I’d forgotten about podcasts! Wonderful, short and snappy podcasts! I couldn’t wait to listen to this podcast though. Joan Juliet Buck is best known as former editor of French Vogue. When she lived in France, she rented a stunning flat that turned out to be haunted. Her story is deliciously horrifying and amusing.

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