Balloon Bash

I have a confession. I’m excited for my 30s. While many 20 somethings are ruing their 30th birthday, I on the other hand, can’t wait. It seems like everything comes together when you turn 30. You meet the right guy. You have kids. Your career is growing. You know yourself in a way you didn’t as a 20 something. You trust your gut…finally! And subsequently you can finally leave the drama of your 20s behind. I’m sure I could meet a thousand 30 somethings who’d squash my theory. And I’m sure I’m being idealistic. But hey, this a 20 something talking.

And in that spirit,  I’d love to ring in my 30s with a celebration like Suzanne’s from An Open Sketchbook. I adore the notion of a balloon release party (minus the environmental affects – but hey – we’re being idealistic, so I’m sure it was minimal). Each of the 30 balloons were fitted with notes written by the guests and sent soaring. Can you imagine finding one of the balloons? How lucky!


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