And Then…Laughter

I have been so down in the dumps lately (as you could probably tell by my last post). That first good, hearty laugh after a period of having the blahs is the best. Ottawa was just hit by a 5.5 earthquake. Naturally, I missed it. I was driving. What did I feel? Left out. Everyone’s talking about this earthquake! And I missed it! My coworker, who was with me at the time and missed the shenanigans too, just sent this video over to me. I’ve been laughing ever since. Without further adieu, I give you Big Nathan, who had a hard time swapping brawn for brains during the earthquake. Oh gawd. I love this guy (in a “if you were the last man on earth, I think I’d chose the damnation of the human species” sort of way)!

One thought on “And Then…Laughter

  1. For another good laugh, but of a different variety, check out The Gladstone Theatre and their show “Italian American Reconciliation.” Tickets have been lowered to just $10 and it’s hilarious!!!! Nothing like a bit of live theatre to liven things up! 🙂

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