Everything is New


I missed you dear readers! I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long. I got absorbed in the loveliness of Christmas holidays – wolfing down festive chow, putting my nose in a few good books (including my new favourite!), and kicking back. But the new year is upon us and I’m back into the swing of things. And with that – my new year’s resolutions (or things I’d just really love to do in the coming year).

  • It may be cliché but I want to lose weight. I’ve already lost over 30 pounds but I’d like to lose 35 more and get down to 140. I haven’t been that weight since grade eight! Come on over and read my weight loss blog at Make Me Mini.
  • Be able to run for an hour straight (current status – 15 minutes).
  • Toy around with my new digital camera (I got a Canon S90 – pretty suave stuff) and create some pretty artwork for my home.
  • Finish my thesis once and for all.
  • Take tennis lessons this summer.
  • Solve my problems without stuffing my face or immediately picking up the phone to vent.
  • Dial down my swearing.
  • Make sure my VISA bill reads $0 every month.
  • Take care of my soul more.
  • Learn how to make my favourite meals healthier (hello Ina Garten, goodbye butter).
  • Keep my home neat and tidy.
  • Finish decorating my bedroom with curtains, new lamps, a desk and chair and a bookcase.
  • Date – good guys that is.
  • Embrace my inner Jillian Michaels and exercise four times a week.
  • Throw two parties.
  • Quit wandering aimlessly through Blockbuster and watch all of Meryl Streep’s filmography. Guaranteed not to disappoint.
  • And of course, blog more.

What are you hoping to do in the coming year?


2 thoughts on “Everything is New

  1. This may sound kind of funny, but I want to drink and eat more out of reusable containers: coffee mug, ziploc bowls, stainless steel water bottle. Water is free, why am I paying for it?

    Do hot yoga twice a month. (for the soul and posture)

    Learn to run

    Get my drives license. (ugh).

    I love the tennis idea. If you find somewhere good to go, let me know. I would be interested in something like that too.

  2. There’s a tennis court right down the street from me J! How convenient! It’d be fun to do lessons with vous!

    I really like the idea of reusable containers. I agree. I don’t really buy bottled water anymore (especially after reading about all the PCB levels – gross).

    Learn to run! That’s awesome! If you do interval training you can work your way up to it! Jog for 30 seconds and then walk for 2 minutes, etc. 🙂

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