grey gardens


Have you seen Grey Gardens? I don’t think I’ve seen anything more lovely and terrifying in all my life. Lovely for the set and wardrobe:

drewfromapgrey-gardens-movie-de-23910857Drew Barrymore

And horrifying for the story line. Can you imagine squandering your dreams to live in a rundown mansion with your mother? The movie exudes loneliness, pride, the depression of feminism and the complexity of mother/daughter love. And its stars, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange as the Bouvier Beales (aunt and cousin to Jackie O), portray these eccentric women flawlessly. It’s a must see.

4 thoughts on “grey gardens

  1. Saw the actual documentary – now that was scary. Must see this to see how it portrays the characters.
    And…. what could be wrong with living with your Mother in an old mansion???!!!

  2. Among the most exquisite, sublime, tragic, haunting things I have ever seen, the documentary and the movie. My heart aches for both the Edies. Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore were so good in the movie I often forgot I wasn’t watching the real Edies in the documentary.

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