bountiful blooms

Whether you’re resolved to write a Giller worthy novel or jot down every morsel you munch on in 2009, you’ll be penning in style with these exotic journals by Carolina.



via Design Sponge


2 thoughts on “bountiful blooms

  1. Oh my goodness these are GORGEOUS! They might just be the ones to replace my habit for the classic black moleskine. The colors, oh my! And the way they’ve used the shapes of the flowers to create a graphic pattern in that pinkish one on the bottom is really lovely.

    Oh, and my secret to baking and staying slim? I take one bite when the treats come out of the oven, then I pack them all away to my husband’s coworkers! Not only do I avoid temptation, but I’ve made some VERY GOOD friends at his office 😉

  2. I’m a big fan of the moleskin dayplanners. I keep trying to convert everyone. But I love these notepads!

    Now that’s willpower, Anne! My goodness! 🙂

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