an apple for april


I’ve fallen in love with another gadget. One of my friends, Jennie at Please Pick Up Your Socks, just bought an Apple TV before Christmas. What’s not to love? It plays your music, flaunts your photos, and offers thousands of movies at your fingertips. If you’re like me and your living room is sorta centralized around your honkin’ huge TV, maybe you should upgrade your boob tube.

5 thoughts on “an apple for april

  1. Not yet! I promised myself that I’m going to pay off my Visa completely and then I’ll buy one. So probably Marchish! 🙂 Are you still liking yours? How fast do the movies download so you can watch them without it skipping?

  2. Yup I still love it.

    The movie takes about an hour to download, but that could be because of our DSL connection.

    Once the movie is downloaded, it pays prefectly. No complaints here 🙂

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