tag. you’re it

Ali tagged me today with this questionnaire. And now I’m tagging you!

What I was doing 10 years ago:

Starting the Liberal Arts program at Heritage College. Falling in love with literature, history and classical mythology. Waking up at 6am to read The Odyssey by candlelight. Losing a dear friend (luckily I gained her back later). Finding myself.

Five things on my to-do list today:

01. Write a story about white-nose syndrome in bats (for my work).
02. Find sources for glow.ca stories.
03. Bake cupcakes for a baby shower.
04. Grocery shopping.
05. Go for a walk with Libby, my cavalier puppy.

Snacks I like:

01. Fibre 1 Oat and Chocolate granola bars
02. Nuts!
03. Apples
04. Honey nut cheerios
05. Corn chips and guacamole

Places I’ve lived:

01. Ottawa, ON (right now!)
02. Toronto, ON (but only for 6 months)
03. Vancouver, BC (for a school year at SFU)
04. Kingston, ON (for three years at Queen’s)
05. Aylmer ,QC (where I grew up)

Five things I would do if I had billions:

01. Pay off my student loan!
02. Start a magazine (a girly one of course)
03. Build a home or renovate a really old one.
04. Travel to Italy, Scotland, heck the whole globe
05. Buy a cottage for my family

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