Lovely Libby

I picked up Libby today from the breeder’s. She’s a 4.5 month old blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel. And she’s lovely.

After I signed the contract we got Libby accustomed to her crate and she waltzed right in. She napped all the way home and then…the walk. Libby doesn’t really walk at all. She drags her heels a bit and then lies down “enough is enough”. So I ended up carrying her over to the Parkdale market where she had a  bit of a moment of fear with a very menacingly friendly sheltie. Oh well. She’s new and needs some time to get used to the city

She’s learned three new things today: how to get treats out of a kong, how to climb steps and her new name. She actually reacts when you call her! It’s amazing!

My only concern? She’s yet to pee. I got her at 12 pm and she still hasn’t peed at 10:30 pm! How can any dog hold it that long???


5 thoughts on “Lovely Libby

  1. Continue training her to go outside for a pee, that’s the only advice I can give you. She might just be really nervous.

    She’s a beautiful pup. I can’t wait to meet her.

  2. I am also looking for a Cav. puppy. Where did you finally find your pup? I am interested in a blen. or tri color too.

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