presto puppy

The breeder called me last night about her litters. She said there probably won’t be enough puppies for me to get one in November (one of her dogs is having a whopping 6 puppies and the other is having 2). But then she mentioned something interesting. She said that her friend is a breeder and has a 4 month old Blenheim female! He’s got one lady interested but she had always wanted a ruby (all brown) so she may not take her. If she doesn’t – I could be getting a dog as soon as next weekend! I might have the opportunity to meet the puppy this weekend and then I’ll have to go and buy all the knick knacks for it. Sometimes things happen in one fell swoop!


One thought on “presto puppy

  1. Sounds awesome! Are you still going to be able to change the name of it? Someone mentioned to me that after 6months it’s no recommended. What’s the name of the pup now?

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