names for pup nups

I visited the breeder this weekend and was greeted by 15 happy cavaliers. Everyone had a couple of barks, a couple of sniffs and then as soon as I sat down, they all went into different corners and just relaxed. A couple came over and flopped down beside me and I got plenty of love. It’s funny. I went to the breeder’s hoping that I’d like the breed, and now I like them so much that I’d like to get two. I’ll start out with one puppy and after a year or so, I’ll get another. They’re just too lovely.

Donna, the breeder, has two kinds of cavaliers: blenheims and tri-colours. I initially wanted a blenheim but now I’m completely open minded. They’re so cute!



My friend, Jennie, at Please Pick Up Your Socks is looking to get a Great Dane or a Lab/Poodle mix and was debating about names, so I think I’ll do the same today.

If it’s a female, I was thinking: Ellie, Zora, Lolly, Libby, Cassie or Lucy

If it’s a male, I was thinking: Darcy, Bingley or Brinkley

What do you think of the names? Any other ideas of what I could call him/her?

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