We were haunted this weekend. Not maybe haunted. Haunted haunted. When Sonya and I checked in at the Hochelaga Inn, we went up to our room (pics to come) to settle in. While we were chatting away we heard a click click, and the door to our room opened. Strange, we thought, but we just assumed we hadn’t closed it properly.

The next day while I was showering, Sonya heard a click click. The door had opened again. Finally, it was Sonya’s turn to use the washroom and while I was sitting on the bed putting my makeup on, the sound of click click came again and the door opened in front of me. I was fed up. Was it a ghost? Was it a faulty door? I called for Sonya to help me investigate. Without turning the knob, I pulled at it, hard, to see if it’d come loose and open. It didn’t. Then I thought “Maybe it opens from the outside, when another guest opens or closes their door.” So I went out in the hall and closed the door behind me. I tried to push the door open without turning the knob. Nothing. Then I tried to turn the knob. It was locked.

Sonya and I stopped in at a mystery bookshop and she picked up a book that told stories of the hauntings in Kingston. We read that our B&B was indeed haunted by a woman. But it was also haunted by a child – that cries in the night. Luckily, I didn’t hear any sounds (that would have freaked me right out). But we did hear about a guest who stayed on the third floor of the Hochelaga Inn while he was on business trips. We too were staying on the third floor. He said that he was repeatedly visited (year after year) by the ghost of a woman who sat in a chair by his door and promptly switched to the first floor. We also had a chair by our door. My solution? I plopped all my bags on the chair hoping the ghost would take the cue. I think she did….at least I hope so…

Have you ever been haunted?

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3 thoughts on “haunted

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  2. My mom used to live, all alone, in a haunted house. I have no idea how she did it. That house really creeped me out, really for no apparent reason other than it just felt “heavy”and dark, especially from the wood paneling. The place was built in the ’50s, and it was a ranch style one-story house in Corsicana, TX.

    Whenever I visited her, I experienced lots of noises in the middle of the night that I always used to push away, thinking it was the dog or someone else also staying in the house.

    But my absolute verification that it was haunted happened one Thanksgiving. My sister and I were visiting from LA, and my brother was also there. Right before my sis and I left for our trip to Texas, I had just met a “cute” guy and we exchanged cell numbers. That first night I was at my mom’s was the first opportunity for me and the new guy to chat, so when I retreated that night to the sofa-bed in the living room, I ended up staying up most of the night talking to him on my cell.

    At some point, I have no idea what time it was (remember, it was night and dark in the whole house) I heard someone walking down the hall, the floor kind of creaking, and then open the bathroom door and close it behind them. I assumed it was my mom, because my sister was sleeping in the bedroom directly across from the bathroom door, so there would have been no walk down the long hallway for her, and my mom’s room was at the very end of that hallway. I hushed my conversation so I wouldn’t disturb, and I even told him I needed to speak softly until my mom went back to bed.

    I waited and waited. I realized that no one had ever turned on the light inside the bathroom. No one ever flushed the toilet. No one ever opened the door again. At all. Finally I called out, “Mom? Are you okay?” But there was no answer. I got a cold chill down my spine. I realized that there was no one there. I was afraid to hang up the phone, since talking to someone on the line at least made me feel like I had (living!) company.

    Thankfully, my mom’s dog Rascal was sleeping next to me, so when I finally did roll over to go to sleep, I felt like somehow he would protect me. Also, the sounds of the television coming from the den where my brother was up watching tv soothed me as well.

    The next morning I asked my mom about it, and my sister and brother. None of them had gotten up to go to the bathroom. And my mom reminded me that when she does get up, she uses the master bathroom that’s connected to her room!

    Also, I asked my brother how late he stayed up that night, because the tv was on so late. He said he went to bed early and that the tv wasn’t on at all. I could have sworn it was on, because I heard distant voices speaking through the door, kind of muffled, like a tv was on with the volume low…

    Needless to say, there are many more stories from that house. But I was so glad when my mom moved to a new house, that was also a recent build. And to this day I’m still freaked out about that place, and would never spend the night there even if you paid me!

    • I had chills reading this! I can’t believe she was able to live there night after night with a ghost. Do you think it was ultimately friendly? I’m not sure if that would make a difference to me (probably not….I’d still freak out!).

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