I got the keys to my new pad this week and took some before pictures for everyone to see. There’s SO much to be done with it. First off, it was so messy and dirty that a lot of the work has gone into cleaning. Secondly, all the painting that needs to be done – which I’ve started working on this weekend. Sorry a lot of the photos are taken on an angle (I couldn’t figure out how to turn photos vertically in wordpress). Stay tuned for purty pictures of the painting I did this weekend!

Number one. I’m painting the red door white to match the other houses on the block and I’m going to cover that icky #1 paint job on the mailbox with a pretty #1 sticker.

I’m going to put a dresser in my foyer for a place to drop my keys. Oh. And my landlord is painting the white to match the rest of the paint (a sort of taupey gray).

I’m painting the bathroom Dior Gray by Benjamin Moore. I’m hoping it’ll look a little more luxe in the end.

The Kitchen! I’m planning on updating the hardware here.

This is the dining room. It looks smaller in this pic than it actually is. I’m putting a bookshelf and a tulip table in here. It might also work as my home office.

My living room! I love this room (so naturally I’m painting it). It’s rectangular and is going to be perfect for entertaining!

These are the stairs that lead to my loft bedroom. This carpet grosses me out. I found out that it’s hardwood (painted white) underneath it so I’m hoping to get the landlord to rip this up and just work with the home’s natural bones.

This photo seriously doesn’t do my bedroom justice. It’s got slanted ceilings, a big closet and an even larger storage area (that’s the door to it there). I’m also painting this room now – I found it looked a bit like a cave in this brown colour.

2 thoughts on “before

  1. wow april it looks fantastic. I’ll keep you posted on my house situation. The one that we are looking at is on Stirling Ave. Maybe we’ll be neighbourhood neighbors soon. šŸ˜›

    Your apartment looks great! Are you going to have a house warming?

  2. Omg! You have no idea how close that is to my street! You’d be 2 streets away! Hooray!

    I will definitely have a few house warmings. I want to have you and Mika over for sure!

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