finding movers

I’m looking for movers for the second weekend in July and having a bit of a rough go. Firstly, did you know that moving companies hike up prices for certain months of the year? The company I was hoping to go with charges between $30 and $50 more in July than any other month. Grr. They also couldn’t move me on a weekend which means I’d have to take the day off (without pay – since I’m on contract right now).

4 thoughts on “finding movers

  1. Do any of your friends have pick up trucks in the family? A. used to have one and we’ve helped other people move for a case of beer. Too bad he doesn’t still have it. 😦

  2. Oh! If you have Aeroplan card. There is something called Aeromove. You might be able to find a mover on their and get points for using them!

  3. Thanks for your help, J! In the end I went with Fred Guy movers. They don’t make you give a 3 hour minimum. So my move in date is July 10th! Yay!

  4. Reputable piano stores are a good source for finding a piano mover who will have the experience and equipment to do the job right. Also Angie’s List offers free local consumer reviews on piano movers and service providers in more than 550 other categories.

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