finding movers

I’m looking for movers for the second weekend in July and having a bit of a rough go. Firstly, did you know that moving companies hike up prices for certain months of the year? The company I was hoping to go with charges between $30 and $50 more in July than any other month. Grr. They also couldn’t move me on a weekend which means I’d have to take the day off (without pay – since I’m on contract right now).


3 thoughts on “finding movers

  1. Do any of your friends have pick up trucks in the family? A. used to have one and we’ve helped other people move for a case of beer. Too bad he doesn’t still have it. 😦

  2. Oh! If you have Aeroplan card. There is something called Aeromove. You might be able to find a mover on their and get points for using them!

  3. Thanks for your help, J! In the end I went with Fred Guy movers. They don’t make you give a 3 hour minimum. So my move in date is July 10th! Yay!

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