toyota yaris

I was originally pretty psyched about the Yaris. It’s incredibly fuel efficient and I love the drive of a Toyota, but there’ve been a few things about the car that’ve irked me. To start, I just found out that the Yaris is the old Echo reincarnate. I’ve never been a big fan of the look of the Echo and now every time I see one all I can see is the Echo. Boo. I also find it strange that the speedometer, etc are held on the middle of the dashboard next to your radio. As a new driver, I’m thinking that’d confuse me. Also, it doesn’t come in a nice red, so I’d be forced to go with black. Do you have a Yaris? Do you like it? Has it really saved you on gas?


4 thoughts on “toyota yaris

  1. I just bought a Yaris – the one here in Europe named Yaris Luna Sport. It’s a four cylinder 1.4 diesel – and it goes 60 miles to the gallon, easily. It has an incredible torque, considering the relatively small engine. From 0-62 in 10 seconds and a bit.

    We never had the Echo here, so my impression is still unspoiled.

    I love my little car, because it’s fun, nimble, low-taxed, fuel efficient and in all a good ride. Nice in the city, even better on the highway – even though the highway takes a little away from the fuel-efficiency.

    And no, I don’t work for Toyota!

  2. Wow Allan! Now you’re making me rethink the Yaris option. The sport version sounds pretty amazing. I wonder if we’ll get that here in Canada. I’ve always been more attracted to Toyotas. They drive SO smoothly. My wheels are turning yet again….

  3. If you don’t like the typical yaris, the sedan is a much nicer looking car and it’s amazing on gas. I’ve put over 200 kms on it and I’ve only used 2 bars of gas! and it’s a cute little car that doesn’t take up much room (nicer looking than it’s hatchback sibling)

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