they’ve let me behind the wheel

I can’t tell you how long a line in Clueless plagued me. It all goes down when Cher fails her driving test and returns home, bitter and disappointed, to find Tai and Josh flirting. After she comes clean to Tai, that she doesn’t think they “mesh well together,” Tai hits her back with “Why am I even listening to you? You’re a virgin, who can’t drive.” Yes it’s a a silly teen movie and that line is meant to make you smirk, however for as long as I was a virgin who couldn’t drive, it followed me. Well after a bit of time, life happens – you meet a jerk and your status goes from hymenally challenged to just plain ol’ driving inept.

The day after my 27th birthday this year, I took my butt to the Quebec license bureau and passed my test. I was nervous enough to nearly run straight through a stop sign and park two inches away from the car beside me, but I passed anyway.

So now that I’ve officially got it, I’m looking for a car. I’m thinking used, although I may be swayed otherwise if my mother has anything to do with it. She’s got a point. At least with a new car, it’s a clean slate and any damage done to the car – you’ll know about. But on the other hand, a used car is so much more economically feasible.

This week, I’m wondering what car I should get. Can you help?


One thought on “they’ve let me behind the wheel

  1. Hey April.
    A. is probably the best person to talk to about this. He looove cars. Actually we may be selling our cute honda civic. It’s standard though, but really cute and tiny and you feel in control.
    Honestly though, write me an email about what your looking for and i’ll pass it along to him. Sort of like a wish list. He’ll probably be able to give you a couple of good suggestions.
    Good luck!

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