If a coffee shop is my ideal study zone, my sister’s favourite would be a library. First off, she’s a librarian, so I guess that in and of itself is a bit of a give away (although she doesn’t work for a public library). I think it’s funny how, if you’re persistant enough, you end up doing exactly what you love. She and I both went to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and I remember her calling home about having spent the last 10 hours slaving away at Stauffer Library. It really was a beautiful, modern library, so I can’t blame her. Here it is:

Carolyn Cole on Flickr

Queen’s University Library



2 thoughts on “Biblio

  1. I read Orlando in front of that fireplace! Thanks for the memories! 10 hours? Really?? Keener = me.

    Your Prado’s pics look less severe than Stauffer’s even though the coffee there tastes like molasses – which has severe connotations in and of itself.

    Some black strap molasses required to whip you back into working on that thesis maybe?

  2. Ok maybe not 10, but a lot!

    That coffee was the best! It’s similar at Bridgehead’s (at least their mochas are). Yum…molasses….

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