gettin’ ‘er done

So I’ve been working on my project report for far too long. Oh. A little introductory. I’m doing my Masters in Publishing with Simon Fraser University. To graduate from the program, you’ve got to write approximately 60 pages on an internship (mine was with Glow magazine). It’s been the bane of my existence. I’ve switched my topic twice and every time I start I feel overwhelmed and flip out. The end of the start happens all too soon. Plus, between freelance writing and my new job I basically have time to get home, maybe get a walk in and simmer down for some Glow work for the evening. And of course I’ve got to keep up with my shows. I wouldn’t want my thesis to get in the way of ANTM, now would I? Ok. Maybe I’m being a little too hard on myself. Then again I’m being hard on myself for being soft on myself.

Ok. So now that I’ve confused myself (and probably you), let me get down to it. I want to get it done. I have a head start in my research. The rest includes interviewing a few people and then…dum dum dummmmmm…writing it. I wish I had a place that’d inspire me to write.

In Vancouver, I had Prado’s – a cafe on Commercial Drive. Between their kick ass cafe mochas and its minimalist interior, it was my home away from home, or rather my campus away from campus. Sigh. I wish there was another.



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