a stretch, I know

Do you remember the Sex and the City episode “Running with Scissors,” where Miranda is accosted by a giant sandwich? Let me jog your memory. Lovely, ballsy Miranda is walking along the street and she passes this guy, dressed up as a sandwich (to promote a deli), who says “eat me” to her. She gets angry at him and the second time it happens, she goes to speak to his manager (who brushes her off, might I add). Suddenly, she finds herself intrigued and mildly attracted to the sandwich man. You can see the clip here:

Well I had a similar experience last night (minus the humour and attraction – ew). I was walking along the bike path in Hull, Quebec, and I spotted a guy in the bushes rubbing himself. After five seconds of it I realized that this was no itch. Plus he was staring at me doing it. So I stopped in my tracks, started swearing at him and stared him down a bit. Then I noticed other women passing by so I warned them about him and we all made sure eachother were safe to get home. By this time, he’d hit the road. When I got home, I called the police to report it. They won’t do anything, but hopefully, the next girl who sees him will give the cops a call and maybe then they’ll be prompted to take action.

What shocked me even more was that I told one of my guy friends about it and he laughed. Laughed! How can you laugh at that? That type of thing could deter someone from exercising or enjoying the nature along the path.

So my response to him was “Nice to know that mysogonism still exists.”
“Great. A word I don’t know,” he replied.
“I’m sure you’ll happen upon a dictionary one of these days.”

So I guess I left him with an insult in the making. Seriously. Who doesn’t know what “mysogyny” means?

Has this type of thing ever happened to you? What did you do?



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