take your pick

If you had your choice of SATC beaus, who would you pick? I used to be an adamant Berger fan. Yah. The guy that broke up with Carrie on a post-it note. That would explain my shoddy dating history. Wait. It gets worse. I used to hate Aidan. I felt like he wanted to change Carrie (no smoking! like Pete!) but I’ve officially been converted. I took this quiz that matches you with the perfect SATC guy for you. Guess who mine was? Hooray! Aidan. Crossing my fingers this sudden change in mindset will translate to my love life. Ha ha! If only it were that easy.

4 thoughts on “take your pick

  1. Oh! I love Sex and the City!

    Berger (i didn’t even know it was spelt that way) was my favorite.. I even sort of liked Charlotte’s guy (I forget his name).. the bald one. I liked his sense of humour.

    I took the quiz and I got Aidan too.. So much for being ‘ready for commitment”!

  2. Yes Berger was so cute! And witty and talented. Sigh. Why did he have to break up with her over a post-it note. I partly think Berger is the guy Carrie is meant to be with since he’s on her level. He just had to get over his self-consciousness. Even nice guys can do crap things.

    Charlotte’s guy is Harry! Aw! Harry!

    Steve too is such a sweetheart. It’s funny. My sister is dating a guy that reminds me of Steve and she reminds me of Miranda. So it’s a perfect match!

  3. Big is big-headed to me! I think he figured it out by the end of the series but who knows what will happen for the movie. I’m hoping he won’t stand her up or some fool thing. Sigh. The drama of SATC. I love it.

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