The second contender? The Pug!

dependable personality (the dog with no mood swings)
social butterfly
fiery personality

prone to flatulence (maybe it’d be cute? um…ew)
can have trouble breathing in hot and cold weather (Ottawa’s got extreme weather)
hard to house train

Learn more about pugs here.


3 thoughts on “pug

  1. Aww… the second little guy is soo cute… almost as cute as Daisy *hehe* I didn’t even know you liked pugs! Just an FYI – the ottawa area rescue shelter is called ‘Under My Wing’ and that is where we got Daisy so I have the information if you chose to go that route. As for breathing in hot weather she has done very well in Niagara Falls which gets a little (or a lot depending on the day) warmer than Ottawa. I usually walk her in the morning and Kerry walks her at night so we avoid the hot afternoons. She does flatulate on occassion but nothing like we expected… the thing to look out for is licking – if you can’t stand that sound this is not a good dog for you as dogs lick their noses to increase their sense of smell and since Daisy can’t smell very well with her little nose she licks it a lot. Luckily she is not agile enough to lick anything else 😉 She is super adorable and loving and always happy to see us when we get home. It is endearing how excited she gets each time! What a wonderful way to be welcomed home. She did take a little time to house train but I think that had more to do with her being a mommy dog from a puppy mill and never having been out side in her 3 1/2 years before. She is wonderful now though 🙂 She goes out in the AM for a walk and then when we get home from work we just take her to the back yard around 4, and then around 10 or 11 Kerry takes her for a walk and she is get throughout the night. Anyway – that’s all I could go on and on about her!

  2. Sweet dog of joy! Well that’s a relief, honestly. When I read “difficult to housetrain” I kinda went “oh dear.” I didn’t know there was a rescue organization in Ottawa for pugs. If I go the pug route, I will most definitely be chatting with you about that organization.

    Did you happen to see the Oprah show about puppy mills? It broke my little heart. I’d really like to get a female dog so if I could possibly get a dog who had been used for breeding at a puppy mill, I’d love to give her a happy home. It’s so sad what they do to dogs.

    As an aside, I remember, on the show, a representative from the SPCA said “they treat the dogs like livestock.” I don’t see how I can be all up in arms about how dogs are treated and not equally up in arms about how the cows that give me my milk are treated. It’s just as important to me. I’d like to start drinking more organic milk and having organic dairy but I’m finding it difficult to find low fat organic stuff. Ugh.

    And now I’ll get off my soap box. lol.

  3. I didn’t catch the whole show but I did see when the dog was trying to walk outside of his cage for the first time and that was like Daisy on grass… she didn’t know how to walk on anything but cement. We also had to teach her how to use stairs, it took a few pushes up the stairs and showing her how to put her feet before she would try and now she bombs around like nothing! As for being treated like livestock I know what you mean… but it is the same for people keeping fish in bowls or birds in cages we just have a different view of different animals. The average chicken coop is .67 feet which is a NEW humane size up from under a half foot – I can’t remember the exact size it used to be. I read the article in the summer. However, some people keep exotic birds in the smallest of cages which is not fair either. What is that saying? A guilded cage is still a cage.

    As for Organic milk – it may be the process which takes out the fat that is less than organic… au natural and all that stuff 😉

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