puppy love

When I was a kid, my sister and I asked for a dog for Christmas. We were both allergic but we didn’t care. What’s a few sniffles when you’ve got a pup to play with? We’d just put on our brave faces when our eyes puffed up and turned bloodshot. We were troopers about the whole thing.

So when Christmas morning rolled around, and we opened two brightly packaged gifts containing Pound Puppy stuffed animals, let’s just say we were slightly disappointed in that holly, jolly fellow with rosy cheeks. We didn’t damn Santa Clause right away – that came later for me when he brought a doll house instead of the Barbie van I was aching for – but we certainly weren’t impressed.

Not much has changed. I’m still desperate to get a dog. And every year I obsess over which kind of dog to get. One year I was stuck on schnauzers, the next, springer spaniels. I’d like to get a dog in the fall. The question is, What type? I’m pretty settled on purchasing a smaller dog to begin with (since I’ll be apartment bound).

So this week, I’ll be highlighting a different breed everyday. I’ve only got four contenders so far, so let me know what kind of small dog you think I should get, what kind of dog you’ve got and if you’ve got any cautionary tales to tell.


3 thoughts on “puppy love

  1. hello hello!

    i think you should get a poodle like bosco! because you’re allergic and poodles dont shed much. 🙂

    but the ckcs is a fine contender. if given a choice, i think #2 prefer the cavalier too.

    licks & kisses,

  2. Ah yes! Poodley cuteness! They’re so lovely. My allergies have cleared up since I was a kid (luckily). A poodle is definitely a contender. Tell me about Bosco! Is he social?

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