Janeites Unite


Every girl knows who Mr. Darcy is and wants one of her own. But what about the author of Pride and Prejudice? Did you know she never married? The writer of the greatest love stories of all time never got hitched! When I first found out, I was shocked! But I sat with the thought a little more and remembered women of her time were forced to marry for status, not love. And I can’t imagine Jane would marry for anything less. She certainly didn’t allow her characters to marry rich, foolish men.

So what does that make her? A love sick fool? I think she was more of a feminist. For centuries, women were married off by their fathers who’d throw in a couple of cows to seal the deal. To imagine a woman could choose her husband or choose no one at all in spite of the patriarchal institution of marriage? Pretty brave for a woman of the 18th century. Although she found romance easier sought out through her fiction than her own life, she dared to poke fun of all the Mr. Collins’ in her world and dream of a Mr. Darcy. And for that I will always be grateful to the lovely, Miss. Jane Austen.


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