Marie Antoinette

I imagine that when people think “bookclub”, they think of 60-year old women gabbing about Nora Roberts’ latest would-be book. Quelle horreur! Well a few friends and I decided to create a women’s biographies bookclub. We met yesterday for the first time with the daunting task of choosing our first book. With a ton of strikingly fabulous women to choose from including Bette Davis, Hilary Clinton and Joan of Arc, we settled on Marie Antoinette.

So I’ve decided to dedicate my blog for this week to Marie-Antoine. The biography that we’re reading is entitled “Marie Antoinette: The Journey” written by Antonia Fraser. It inspired Sofia Coppola’s film – which is probably the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen – and follows the life of a young Austrian girl stripped of the comforts of home, including her adorable pug, and thrown into the role of Dauphine and eventually Queen of France.

2 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette

  1. Well I started reading it last year actually. I’m 200 pages in. It’s really good and made me appreciate the attention to detail that Sofia gave in the film. So exciting!

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